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Snow Camp | 2021 Edition

Children Now has had the immense pleasure of organizing its annual Snow Camps in collaboration with the Domaine Scout St-Louis de France. A total of 16 children have been participating each weekend; separated into two groups of eight during the entire weekend in order to respect the Quebec Covid-19 regulations. Take a look at the video of the camp held from March 19th - 21st.

The children who have participated thus far were selected with the help of the CIUSS Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec and Concept, a community resource that helps families with financial or health problems. Priority has been given to families experiencing particular difficult times since the start of the pandemic, units which are on the verge of rupture or who have a great need for a change in environment in order to acquire a more positive energy.

The children had the pleasure of partaking in many activities including sledding, snowshoeing, exploring the giant labyrinth, and roaming the camp’s ‘’enchanted forest’’ (where there are a multitude of activities set up). They of course, ate to satisfy their hunger throughout the entire stay and received many winter essentials and other gifts!

Thus far, 4 of the groups have taken part in the camp, each on their individual weekends. The next group is upcoming this weekend, April 2nd - 4th! As the weather warms, the camps will continue to run and transition into summer camps as necessary until all of the sponsored children have participated! Thank you to Domaine Scout St-Louis de France, all of our partners, sponsors and donors who have made these activities a possibility particularly during such challenging times! We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Elise Golbert from Pajar who donated all the winter boots for the children!

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