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Help Line

  • Do your conjugal problems raise questions about the fate of your children in the event of a separation or divorce?

  • Do you wonder about how to react in regards to legal proceedings?

  • Is it difficult for you to deal with a divorce or separation that involves child custody issues or support payments?

  • Do you have questions concerning your parents’ separation/divorce or regarding your emotions about the situation?

Family conflicts are unfortunately a reality of life. Such situations are very painful and we may not always be prepared to face them. Though friends and family may provide crucial support during these difficult moments, in certain situations experts may be better equipped to help us with appropriate information and guidance. Children Now is here to help and support you! We attempt to reduce the pain felt by those who are struggling with personal and family conflicts while prioritizing the child and family’s best interest. All of these services are confidential and free of charge

The help-line is offered Monday to Friday during regular office hours. We offer an attentive ear and legal information while presenting you with available options and referring you to the appropriate resources as needed. The organisation possesses a data bank which includes more than 2 000 community resources, self-help groups and legal services.

*We urge you to consult early on. The high stress environment surrounding family conflicts can result in us committing irreversible acts which may have long-term consequences that were not anticipated in the moment. Using children as “bargaining chips” in order to inflict pain on a former spouse/partner for example, often results in negative repercussions on the child’s well-being. Children are innocent bystanders who love their parents and are very fragile during these highly developmental years. During a separation or divorce, it is essential that the best interest of the children be considered at all times. Let us help you! Call today.

MONTREAL: 514-593-4303

TOLL-FREE: 1-800-361-8453

You may also contact us by filling out our CONTACT FORM or sending an E-MAIL

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