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Since 1988, under Ricaardoe Di Done’s leadership, several series of conferences have been organized regarding topics related to children and families. These series of conferences have brought together experts from all around the globe. The experts have shared their knowledge in order to deepen our understanding regarding the subjects at hand and ultimately better prepare us to intervene with children and their parents.


10th International Symposium:

Youth Leadership and Climate Action

July 7 - 9


Conference aiming to develop youth leadership for climate action and inspire every human being to participate in protecting the environment. 

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9th International Symposium on the Child: 

Working with Families in Transition in the 21st Century

May 21 - June 2


Innovations and best practices in dealing with high conflict co-parenting relations, estrangement and alienation between children and parents, child abduction and domestic violence.

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8th International Symposium on the Child:

Family Mediation in Canada

June 26 - 28


Conference on family mediation in Canada: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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7th International Conference on the Child:

Sustainable Best Practices in Youth Programs

May 27 - 28


Conference discussing barriers and opportunities to applying best practices in various regions of the world.

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6th International Conference on the Child:

Support for Co-Parenting and Mediation

September 21 - 26


Conference in collaboration with the Mediators association of Quebec. Subject: offering support for co-parenting in difficult family cases. 

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5th International Conference on the Child:

Children and Poverty

May 23 - 25


Conference discussing economic, social and political choices that can have a tremendous impact on poverty and the plight of children.

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4th International Conference on the Child:

Children and Violence

October 13 - 15


Conference on children and violence: our individual, family and collective responsibilities.

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3rd International Conference on the Child:

New Reproductive Technologies: Adoption

May 21 - 23


Conference discussing current adoption practices and risks. Also discussed: Children’s rights, parental rights and responsibilities, and government responsibilities.

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2nd International Conference on the Child:

The Child and Family: Vulnerability and Adaptation

October 8 - 10


A conference focusing on developing interactive, dynamic and harmonious relationships between children and their families.

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1st International Conference on the Child: 

Children and Divorce

October 26 - 28


A conference focusing on various ways to intervene before, during and after divorce.

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