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Kids in Mind with Cyndy B. Morin, LL.B.

Families in high conflict over custody issues, struggle to find resolution without the assistance and intervention of professionals. Courts are not equipped to address the complexities of high conflict custody matters without referring families to first obtain psychological assessments, reports, and/or interventions to provide the Court with some insight to assist its decision on custody matters. In an already overburdened Court system, achieving resolution to any custody matter, is usually a slow, frustrating and expensive process for families. Family conflict tends to escalate while families are made to wait months, sometimes years, for decisions to be rendered. During these long waiting periods, children are at risk of prolonged exposure to damaging toxic stress.

“Kids in Mind” is a study developed and subsidized by Resolve Legal Group in conjunction with the Calgary Counselling Centre and administered by the volunteer efforts of retired Provincial Family Court Judge, the Honourable Nancy Flatters Q .C ., and experienced mediator/arbitrator Leanne Young Q .C . of Resolve ADR, as well as a roster of numerous volunteer Psychologists and Social Workers who work in the area of Family Law as part of their regular practice.

Cyndy D. Morin LL.B. was prior to her legal career an experienced counsellor working with families and youth in numerous capacities. Cyndy is an active volunteer in the community; she currently sits on the Canadian Bar Association Access to Justice Committee, she Co-Chairs the Calgary – Crowfoot/University Youth Justice Committees, she has also served as the Calgary Law Day Co-Chair for two years, and is a regular annual Law Day volunteer. Cyndy also became the driving force behind Calgary’s first Family Law Fair in 2011, bringing world-renowned speakers to an open-access forum aimed at giving the public a wealth of information on a multitude of Family Law issues.

The 2018 International Symposium of Children Now regrouped numerous experts in family mediation through whom we had the chance to hear different conferences pertinent to how to deal with high conflict family situations.

Principles and Recommendations following the symposium are available at

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