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Intimate Partner Violence with Robin M. Deutsch, Ph.D., ABPP

Child custody cases that include allegations of Intimate Partner Violence are complex. The risks associated with child and parent functioning when parties are engaged in or witness IPV are significant and result in short and long term difficulties. This presentation reviews these risks and review the AFCC guideline principles for assessment of IPV.

Robin Deutsch, Ph.D., ABPP American Board of Professional Psychology, is the Director of the Center of Excellence for Children, Families and the Law at the William James College ( and core faculty in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program. For over 20 years she was the Director of Forensic Services and Training at the Children and the Law Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, most recently as an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology. Board certified in Couples and Family Psychology, she practices as a mediator, Parenting Coordinator, reunification specialist, and consultant.

The 2018 International Symposium of Children Now regrouped numerous experts in family mediation through whom we had the chance to hear different conferences pertinent to how to deal with high conflict family situations.

Principles and Recommendations following the symposium are available at

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