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High Conflictivity in Post Parental Relationships with Pascual Ortuño - English Translation

The conflict between children and parents in divorces and family breakups is more complex when there are problems of mental illness or gender violence. Until recently, the judicial system was impotent in these cases. But in recent years, the European Court of Human Rights has called on the States to have judicial activism in these matters that effectively guarantees parental relations.

Pascual Ortuño is a Spanish judge of the Barcelona Court of Appeal, who in the last thirty years has focused his work on the judicialized conflicts of family and protection of minors and mentally handicapped. He has worked in the training of judges and in the European legal reforms in this matter. At the moment it focuses its activity on the problems derived from the noncompliance of the judicial measures with respect to the relations of the children with their progenitors.

The International Symposium of Children Now regrouped numerous experts in family mediation through whom we had the chance to hear different conferences pertinent to how to deal with high conflict family situations.

Principles and Recommendations following the symposium are available at

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