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2020 Easter Party

Easter in June! In accordance with the distancing rules implemented by the government to avoid further spread of the virus, we made adjustments to our annual Easter Party. Instead of bringing together 700 underprivileged children of Montreal and Quebec, we have coordinated directly with the Schools to bring Easter directly to them! As a result, instead of having 2 major parties, 1 for each city, we are organizing one at every participating school and early childhood center (CPE). On June 25th, 2020, we made history, we carried out our first Easter Party in the month of June at the CPE Passe-Partout and CPE Jardin Bleu in Quebec City. Given that the schools are in the process of adapting with how to best operate during a pandemic, we have decided to resume the Easter party in the months of September and October for the remaining schools of Montreal and Quebec.

Watch the video below to see the Easter in June event!


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