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A Celebration to Underline Dedication and Involvement

On the evening of July 24th we had our annual celebration to underline Mr. Ricaardoe Di Done's untiring dedication for the well being of children, family, society and the environment.  Children Now and O.P.C.R. Toastmasters are very proud of the evening's success.  Fabulous people, delicious food and of course the presence of our ever faithful tenor Perry Canestrari made the evening memorable.

We took the opportunity to underline certain devoted people who work with us diligently to make the world a better place for children, such as the honorary president of our last symposium Mr. Steve Young (former MLA Edmonton-Riverview and former Staff Sergeant Edmonton Police), Dr. Dominic D`Abate, lawyer Angela Ficca, Marina Di Done, Simon Parcher and Muriel How.  Also among us president and founder of Children of the Earth; Nina Meyerhof,  Princess Ukaga Ndikom of Uganda, and many others.

Thank you to all for contributing to our success!


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