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Visit to École de la Pleiade with the Fédération de Soccer du Québec

What a beautiful day it was!

Mr. Ricaardoe Di Done, CEO of Children Now, headed out to the beautiful city of Quebec with the Fédération de Soccer du Québec to give a workshop to more than 250 students at École de la Pleiade this past monday.

Children from kindergarden to grade 6 learned on the benefits of sports, soccer, the importance of saying no to bullying and cyber bullying and the importance of fraternity and nutrition for their mental and physical well-being. They even learned the history of soccer – how it all began!

Every child had the privilege of receiving their very own soccer ball and a copy of the book Soccer Plus, written by Éric LeRoy, the Technical Director of the Federation of Soccer Quebec. In September, each child will also receive a copy of the pedagogical tool “Youth and Street Gangs,” and a formation on why it is important to say no to bullying, cyberbullying, and other forms of violence.

Ricaardoe Di Done, the CEO of Children Now, would like to personally thank Maude Beaubien and her colleagues from École de la Pleiade; Emilie Duquette and her team from the Federation; and Christine Roussel and the team from Children Now. Mr. Di Done thanks them all for their hard work at improving the lives of our children and making the day such a success.


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