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October 5th is World Day of Bullying Prevention

We know the names of Canadian teenagers who have left us far too soon because of intimidation, bullying and cyberbullying. Clearly this issue is widespread and affects too many of us. Children Now sensitizes young people to say no to bullying and violence, which can lead to street gangs.

As part of our efforts, we have teamed up with the Quebec Soccer Federation who, like Children Now, promotes values such as respect, integrity and unity. Values like these, underlined concretely in workshops in collaboration with the QSF, can go a long way in helping young people find alternatives to a life of violence. Children Now also offers the pedagogical tools Youth And Street Gangs along with its parent/teacher study guide and Soccer Plus as part of our ongoing campaign against bullying and intimidation.

If you`re being bullied or are aware of someone being targeted by bullies, speak up.

Often, parents are not aware of their child`s situation. So be a real friend. Tell an adult you trust.

Today – October 5th 2015 – is Stop Bullying Day. However, until bullying and intimidation are eradicated, Children Now will work everyday for the cause.


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