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Getting Ready for the Summer!

For most of us, when we think of summer we think of holidays, escape, rest, laughter and relaxation, but for many children from low-income families living in Quebec City or Montreal, they think of “exclusion” and “monotony” because they are often left on their own in conditions that are not conducive to their physical and psychological health.

This is why, year after year, Children Now organizes summer camps where these children will be able to live a unique experience that every child should have access to. In 2017, we invited more than 200 underprivileged children, aged 10 to 12 years of the Municipal Office of Housing of Lévis, the Association Families Recomposed The Source, Carrefour St-Malo, Escape Ste-Pie X, the Community Center, the Treaty of Union, La Parentèle de Laval, the Maison des Familles de Verdun and the Maison des Jeunes Ouverture to participate in our Summer Camps.

These three dream days have allowed the children to participate in a variety of activities in an open air base in the heart of the wilderness, at the edge of a body of water. These children benefited from activities designed specifically for them. In addition to enjoying the great outdoors, they had the chance to swim in a beautiful lake, make new friends, enjoy campfires and participate in many sporting events: canoeing, treasure hunts, climbing, shooting bows and arrows, and many others. These activities were supervised by professional animators, who knew how to transmit their knowledge to the children, as well as teach them values ​​that will help them become fulfilled.

Once again, the generosity of our faithful donors and sponsors spoiled the children. In addition to returning home with unforgettable memories, they received a sleeping bag, a pillow, a hygiene kit and many surprise gifts. This generosity allowed the children to return home with a heart full of happiness. There’s nothing better to persuade them that they can be happy, have confidence in the future and grow up with wonderful childhood memories! On behalf of the children who have benefited from this marvellous event in the past years, a huge thank you to everyone involved and for all the sponsors who make this activity a great success every year.


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