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Female Soccer Match: QUEBEC-FRANCE, A Unique Occasion for 110 Children!

Children Now is pleased to associate itself with an event that was organized by the Federation of Soccer of Quebec.

More than 110 children between the ages of 11 and 16 were invited to attend a historical match on Wednesday June 3 at 2pm between the female teams of Quebec and France at the sport centre Bois-de-Boulogne in Laval in preparation for the World Cup FIFA/Canada 2015 for free.

As part of the organisation’s campaign against intimidation and violence that often leads to street gangs, Children Now distributed to each child that attended a copy of its books SOCCER PLUS, by Éric Leroy and YOUTH AND STREET GANGS, by a group of experts directed by Ricaardoe Di Done, published by Theodone Editor. These pedagogical tools transmit to children a message of perseverance, cooperation, and respect that will help them face the challenges of life. It is part of the mission of education and prevention of both Children Now and the Federation of Soccer of Quebec.

“We must lend children an attentive ear, give them the opportunity to feel loved and involved and provide them with the tools to grow well, so that they become respectful and responsible citizens. Together, let’s give them the necessary tools to succeed! “

Ricaardoe Di Done, Chief Executive Officer of Children Now


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