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A Look at Separation and Divorce with Peggie Ward

Clinicians, attorneys, and judges are stymied trying to find effective solutions for intractable conflict in families, while children are caught in middle, and mental health and legal systems mired in polarization. Dr. Ward presents clinical and research data from a ten-year history of working with these families in the Overcoming Barriers Family Camp Program. She discusses current understanding of these complex families based on preliminary data collected from 10 years of family camp by Dr. Michael Saini.

Peggie Ward, Ph.D., is a Forensic Psychologist, licensed in MA, FL and VT. Her work focuses on children and Families as well as consultation to attorneys. She is a trained Mediator, Parenting Coordinator and Collaborative Professional. She began working in the Boston Teaching Hospitals, first in the areas of family violence and sexual abuse and then in the areas of high conflict separation, divorce and alienation. She has presented at multiple AFCC International Conferences and written articles on abuse and alienation.

The 2018 International Symposium of Children Now regrouped numerous experts in family mediation through whom we had the chance to hear different conferences pertinent to how to deal with high conflict family situations.

Principles and Recommendations following the symposium are available at

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