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Children Now

Youth represent the future of our society. We must give them the best conditions possible to grow, so that they may flourish in life. This is why our goal is to propel the cause of the family, by concentrating on numerous phenomena such as divorce, family mediation, poverty, school dropouts, bullying, street gangs, delinquency, health and the environment. We offer consultation services, assistance and support to individuals in distress experiencing family issues. We also organize activities for underprivileged children all year long.

Upcoming Events

Back to School

The objective of our Back to School - Equal Start Program is to provide 200 underprivileged children with a full set of school supplies and resources so that they are able to get the most out of what school has to offer, and ultimately increase their chances to persevere and succeed in school.

Youth Leadership and Climate Action Symposium

Children Now is organizing its 10th International Symposium to be held July 7 - 9, 2021. The symposium will specifically aim to develop youth leadership for climate action while calling for every human being to participate in protecting the environment.

Mindful Moments with Dr Kenford Nedd

Short weekly capsules with Dr Nedd that will be empowering and will instil the importance of resiliency in managing not only the challenges brought by the pandemic but obstacles that will confront young persons throughout their lives.

Learning Space for Parents and Youth

Alongside professionals in the field, we have developed tools for every family member. This space provides videos, case studies, and answers to FAQs in subjects related to divorce, family mediation, health, bullying, street gangs, and more. We touch upon the realities of challenges that families may face so that harmony may be found.

Help Line

Children Now also offers a free and confidential help line. We offer an attentive ear and legal information. If needed, we will present you with available options and refer you to the appropriate resources. The organisation possesses a databank which includes more than 2 000 community resources including self-help groups and legal services.

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Leadership Now Youth Program

Leadership Now is youth program that addresses issues of bullying, discrimination, and violence with the help of empowering coaches, mentors and young leaders.