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Youth and Street Gangs

​One of Children Now's biggest goals is to teach youth about good values so that they may grow to be good citizens. That is why we have established a Leadership Now program that addresses phenomena such as bullying, violence, street gangs and drug use, through empowering coaches, mentors and young leaders. Education and prevention is the most effective way to change the current situation. We are actively working to get this program introduced to children as of a young age by offering presentations and workshops in schools around the province. In the longterm, we hope that schools will implement this program so that all youth may learn about good values of life as of a young age.

Click here to learn more about our Leadership Now program or to enrol now. The program has a section for both coaches/mentors/parents and for youth. 

*If you or someone you know requires assistance in regards to a related issue, consult our help-line page and contact us. 

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