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Together for Children

A most enriching trip to Edmonton

Ricaardoe Di Done, chief operating officer of Children Now, visited Edmonton this summer with his daughter, Samantha Di Done, to prepare two upcoming sensitization campaigns on anti-bullying and the benefits of family mediation.

Several enriching meetings took place with community members who strive to make a difference by implicating themselves in the cause that touches us all: the well-being of children and families.

Ricaardoe Di Done and his daughter Samantha, had the privilege to meet with Teresa Spinelli, co-patron of honor at Children Now’s International Symposium on Family Mediation, in June 2018. We wish to thank Mrs Spinelli for her consistent community engagement and especially her work for improving the lives of children. Mrs Spinelli is recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Business Women.

Mr. Ricaardoe Di Done also met with Mr. Steve Young and his wife Leanne Young in Edmonton, Alberta. Mrs. Leanne Young is a top lawyer and family mediator in Alberta. Mr. Young is a co-patron of honor at Children Now’s International Symposium on Family Mediation in Canada. Mr. Steve Young is also a former sergeant of the Edmonton Police and Chief Whip of the Alberta provincial government. He has significant expertise in protecting the community from bullying, cyber-bullying and intimidation that may lead to street gangs. His work focuses on interacting with troubled youth to help set them on the right path. For more info, check out Mr. Ricaardoe Di Done’s interview of Mr. Steve Young.

Mr. Di Done and Samantha also met with Dr. David Yawrenko. Dr. Yawrenko is at the forefront of alternative medicine. He holds both a Chiropractic degree and a Naturopathic degree in medicine; he is also a licensed Acupuncturist who has been practicing for 41 years at the New Life Clinic in Edmonton, Alberta. Congratulations to Dr. Yawrenko, a most dedicated individual who has been a long-time advocate and friend to Children Now. Click to see Mr. Di Done’s interview with Dr. Yawrenko on the advantages of natural medicine, Mr. Di Done’s interview with Dr. Yawrenko on the use of the Vega machine and the powerful interview of Dr. Yawrenko by Mr. Di Done on the dangers of the Ritalin epidemic for our children.

Other meetings included:

  • Meeting with Mr. Luigi Zorzetto in Edmonton, Alberta. Mr. Zorzetto is a true family man, very dedicated to society. He is a tremendous volunteer.

  • Meeting with Mario Sarnelli, a strong supporter of the physical and psychological benefits of soccer.

  • Meeting with Mike Traficante, former president of the Alberta Soccer Federation, Director of Technical Programs of the Canadian Soccer Association, and Executive Member of the Canadian Soccer Association and Natale Arucso

  • Meeting with Salvatore Lombardo, a most beautiful soul and long-time friend.

Here are a few photos,

 To see more photos, visit our Children Now Facebook page.


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