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Children Now Annual Wine and Cheese Fundraiser (2016)

The Children Now wine and cheese fundraiser took place on April 14th, 2016, at the Holiday Inn Montreal Airport Hotel. Special thanks to Kathleen Macabée,  Ron Charbonneau, and the rest of the Holiday Inn team.

The arriving guests were first serenaded at the entrance with wonderful music, performed by Tim Cummings. Over the evening, guests tasted 5 courses of impeccable wine and cheese while being entertained by MC Leona Hamel and MC Frank Cavallaro from CBC News. There was a silent auction of Montreal Habs paraphernalia. Several speeches were given throughout the night. Mr. Riccardoe Di Done, Chief Operating Officer and founder of Children Now, and Luis Galvez, from the Quebec Soccer Federation, spoke at length about the goals of Children Now: sensitizing youth to the dangers of drugs, street violence, and intimidation, and to the importance of nutrition and the values of leadership. The evening finished off with a spectacular performance by the musicians of the 438th Tactical Helicopter Squadron.

All in all, the night was a huge success – funds were raised for the charity while friends, old and new, enjoyed the food, the music, and each other’s company. What a lovely evening!


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