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2020 Summer Camps

Another successful summer camp for underprivileged children aged between 10 and 12 years old! As summer camps were unable to accommodate children over night during this time, this year, we partnered with day camps to provide a multiple day getaway for the children that had been sponsored. We provided daily transit so that the children were able to return for multiple days, allowing them to live out their summer adventures as originally intended. The camps took place during the first 2 weeks of August at the Domaine Scout St-Louis-France for the children of Montreal, Trois-Rivière and Quebec City.

The children who participated in this year’s summer camps were selected with the help of the following local community centers:

- La Ruche Vanier (August 10-11) and Centre L’Évasion St-Pie X (August 12-13) in Quebec,

- Carrefour des 6-12 ans de Pierrefonds Est (August 4-5) and Les Chemins du Soleil (August 6-7) in Montreal, and

- Les Parents Partenaires (August 6-7) in Trois-Rivières

Watch the video and photos of the event below!


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