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The Legalization of Cannabis – What Parents and Guardians Need to Know

On Saturday April 28th, we gave a presentation at the Nepean Centrepointe Public Library in Ottawa. The subject was the Legalization of Cannabis – What Parents and Guardians Need to Know.

At the end of the summer the Federal government will legalize the recreational use of marijuana. This session was developed to provide guidance to parents who want to understand what the regulatory and legal landscape will look like and what it means for their teenage children.

During the presentation, Mr Ricaardoe Di Done, executive director of Children Now, informed us about the Leadership Now program; a program meant to sensitize our youth about the good values of life and what defines success. The program is offered in collaboration with the Federation of Soccer of Quebec and has already reached 190 000 children. The objective is to reach all children across the country.

The goal of this program is to equip our youth with the good values of life, to inform them about what defines success, what a leader represents, how and why we could all be leaders, and the importance of saying no to bullying and racial discrimination.

A special thank you to Mr. Simon Parcher for his help in organizing the event. Thank you to Mr Mario Fiorino, lawyer, author and educator for enriching us about the subject. Additionally, a special thank you to Mr. Pascuale Carozza from Trattoria Caffe Italia and his brother Dominic for their warm hospitality, great food and excellent service.

This event was also held in Edmonton Alberta April 14th at the public library.


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