Take a moment to think about all the importance Christmas has in the eyes of young children. Now imagine the sadness that underprivileged children may feel during this day, perceived by many as the most important one of the year. Furthermore, as the cold season approaches, we recognize that underprivileged children will not have the same opportunities to benefit from the joys of winter as those from more fortunate backgrounds who will be warmly dressed. We want to offer these underprivileged children an unforgettable Christmas that will forever remain engraved in their memory. Our unique activity will provide them with love and warmth, winter clothing, gifts and an abundance of food, all within a magical ambiance. 


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Children Now is currently in the process of putting together a wonderful Christmas celebration for hundreds of underprivileged children, aged between 4 and 8 years old, living in the metropolitan areas of Montreal and Quebec City. The children are selected in collaboration with the School Boards.

With a pandemic risking the health and safety of our community, we have made modifications to our annual Christmas Shows to ensure everyone’s safety. Rather than holding the event in a hotel’s ballroom, this year, we are going directly to the schools and turning their gymnasiums into Christmas wonderlands. In prior years, the event would take place over two full days. However, due to the safety implications of having hundreds of children in the same room during the pandemic, we will instead hold many shows over the course of 4 days so that everyone involved can enjoy Christmas in the safety of small groups.

This year, over the course of 4 days, 400 underprivileged children will have the chance to meet Santa Claus, his reindeers, Mrs. Claus, and the Star Fairy. Additionally, there will be an interactive show offered by our professional animators and, in collaboration with the school caterers, we will be providing a delicious hot Christmas lunch. Finally, at the end of this wonderful day, the long-awaited Christmas gifts will be distributed to them thanks to the generosity of our loyal sponsors. We take the opportunity of this occasion to give them useful gifts such as warm clothing, mittens, scarves, school supplies, toys and more.

Our greatest desire during this holiday season is to fulfill the wish of these underprivileged children for a real Christmas! The positive effects that these types of events have on children is undeniable. Indeed, the enchantment of these memorable few hours gives them renewed hope for the future. Your help is essential to transform this day into a reality. Thank you for your support!

What Will My Donation Provide for the Children?

Below are examples of different sponsorship options and what they provide for the children:

  • $25 - 45: Decor, meal and snacks
  • $50: Decor, animations and snacks
  • $75: Animations and Christmas gifts
  • $100: Sponsorship for 1 child*
*Every additional $100 pays for the sponsorship of another child. **All donations are combined to offer every child the complete Christmas Show experience. In addition, for every donation that we receive, a portion will go directly into the Leadership Now program; a program that aims to provide youth with sustainable leadership skills so that they may develop the necessary tools they need to have success in their future social, civic and academic lives. Some of the core-components of the program are; the importance of teamwork, leadership, emotional intelligence, and decision-making. A wide variety of topics are covered in the program including bullying, violence, street gangs, school dropouts, health, the importance of sports, the environment and how to succeed in high school. To donate, fill out the form below. You will be redirected to another page where you can choose the amount you would like to donate. Every donation helps brighten the lives of these underprivileged children. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts on their behalf!