For most children, preparing to return to school is an exciting time. They get new school bags, books, school supplies, and even new clothing! Unfortunately, this experience is not shared for many children coming from underprivileged backgrounds. Most do not have the financial means to purchase the appropriate school supplies. If they’re lucky, they have relatives or friends that are able to pass down supplies and clothing.

With the current pandemic further straining the financial situation of those coming from underprivileged backgrounds, we at Children Now have never felt more compelled to start a new Back to School Program to help alleviate some of that pressure. The objective of our Back to School - Equal Start Program is to provide 200 underprivileged children with a full set of school supplies and resources so that they are able to get the most out of what school has to offer, and ultimately increase their chances to persevere and succeed in school. Therefore, this year we will provide them with supplies including school bags, lunch boxes, pencils, crayons, erasers, binders, notebooks, and the resources to develop their empowerment and leadership skills.



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Back to School - Equal Start


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Poverty has a very serious effect on school perseverance and success. Numerous studies have shown that youth living in underprivileged neighbourhoods have a higher risk of dropping out of school, lower school readiness, decreased self-esteem, diminished aspirations, and an increased risk to develop learning disabilities. In addition, these children are also increasingly stigmatized, and as a result, are often victims of bullying. However, research has also shown that children who are well equipped and have the appropriate tools to learn are more likely to perform well and graduate.
More than ever, these vulnerable children need our joint efforts to help guide them toward a better future. By sponsoring a child or multiple children, we are investing in the future of our community by giving the children of today the tools to realize their full potential, no matter the financial situation of their family! We thank you for your support!

What Will My Donation Provide for the Children

The complete sponsorship of a child for the Back to School - Equal Start Program includes all of the school materials they need to start the school year on an equal footing. This includes a school bag, lunch box, pencils, crayons, erasers, rulers, scissors, notebooks, binders, and duo-tangs.
Here are examples of different sponsorship options and what they provide for the children:

  • $25 - 50: Basic school supplies (pencil case, pencils, erasers, ruler, scissors, notebooks, etc)
  • $75: Binders, duo-tangs, and basic school supplies
  • $100: Lunch box, binders, duo-tangs, and basic school supplies
  • $150: Sponsorship for 1 child*
*Every additional $150 pays for the sponsorship of another child. **All donations are combined in order to offer every child all the materials they need to start the school year.
In addition, for every donation that we receive, a portion will go directly into the Leadership Now program; a program that aims to provide youth with sustainable leadership skills so that they may develop the necessary tools they need to have success in their future social, civic and academic lives. Some of the core-components of the program are; the importance of teamwork, leadership, emotional intelligence, and decision-making. A wide variety of topics are covered in the program including bullying, violence, street gangs, school dropouts, health, the importance of sports, the environment and how to succeed in high school.
To donate, fill out the form below. You will be redirected to another page where you can choose the amount you would like to donate. Every donation helps brighten the lives of these underprivileged children. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts on their behalf!